In the beginning…

there were books. Therefore books are where I’ll begin my tale.

Books shape the soul of a writer.

It is a need embedded deep in the human psyche– to record our stories, our lives. To communicate to future generations.

The pen (and the cave painting) is a long arm from the grave.

But I will not tell the story today. Sorry, distracted and busy, preparing for a trip.

April 13th is my birthday. I like to be away for my birthday.

I’ll begin sometime next week. Julia

There is a method to my madness.

(Right now I’m in first place in the Barrett Family Bracket but I have everything riding on Michigan State. Go Spartans! OMG this game is intense. Overtime!!!)

So this is a brand spanking new space. It will be about my books and my methods. I will discus my past, present and future and how each moment in my time relates to my writing~ i.e.~ my voice, my themes, my characters, my narrative, my style.

From time to time I may interrupt to inform you about WIPs, price changes, new releases, new covers, etc. Information about all my books is on my sidebar to the left. (All the links you will ever need!)

If you want to hear about All Things Jake and maybe a few stories about the crazy hubster, visit:  I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means.

For general information on my books, my archived blog posts, recipes and about me, my old website is still available for your perusal. I’ll update the site from time to time. Julia Barrett’s World.

Hey all, it’s good to be back. Love y’all. Julia