About Me.

If you’re anything like me, you not only hate writing ‘about me‘ you hate reading a long-winded ‘about me‘.

So here’s the abbreviated version. I am from Iowa. I am an Iowan (fourth generation) born and bred, through and through. I love cornfields, especially in the winter. I love the rich robust smell of Iowa dirt. I blame my husband for the fact that we live in California. He dragged me here kicking and screaming.

I am a writer. I’ve been a reader/writer since I was three years old, actually reading from the age of eighteen months. I believe this– the most important gift a parent can give his or her child is the gift of reading. Reading opens the mind and the eyes.

But reading and writing are not all of me. I’m the mother of three children, a wife, a chef and pastry chef and former caterer and restaurant owner. I’m a Registered Nurse, in fact, I’m a Hospice Nurse and yeah, I have a nonfic book out detailing my unique experiences as a Hospice Nurse. Oh, and I was, once upon a time, an editor with the University of Iowa International Writer’s Workshop.

I’m an animal lover – my mother says I like animals way more than I like people – and she’s totally right. I love my dog– I’m partial to German shepherds because they are so darn smart. I’ll ride a horse anywhere, or almost anywhere, and I’m passionate about nature and wild flora and fauna. I need, my spirit needs, wait… my spirit demands open space. I love adventure vacations.

I’m a former vegetarian, now an omnivore. If anyone knows what an NDE is, well yeah, I’ve had one of those.

Once upon a time I was one of those young single mothers everybody hates- but I lived on loans and grants and finished school so I could make money and support my son. Writing had to take second, no third, no fourth fiddle, sit in the proverbial backseat– until my kids got a little older and I had a few seconds to myself. Not really… I simply gave up sleep.

I’m a sports fanatic. Seriously. A. Sports. Fanatic. I played softball, basketball, volleyball and soccer. And I’ve watched my kids play the same and then some. Love football too. And track and field.

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Thanks for visiting! And now – To sleep, perchance to dream…

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